Projekt GB 2/19/02 APRODELDIe Bauerin und Coiffeuse Djenabu TurŽ vor ihrem Haus in Bamtamjan, im Osten Guinea-Bissaus. Dank der Unterstuetzung der Vereinigung APRODEL konnte sie ihren Anbau von Suesskartoffeln und damit Ihr Einkommen vervielfachen. Jetzt traeumt sie von einem Frisiertisch fuer ihren Coiffeursalon, einem Fernseher und neuen Moebeln. Sie ist geschieden und seit vielen Jahren bei APRODEL dabei. Dort hat sie auch einen Mikrokredit bekommen.


Education, Literacy and Autonomy for Women

A project under the aegis of Swissaidthat strives to strengthen the social and economic position of women. Illiteracy is one of the main reasons for poverty and denies a large proportion of women in Guinea-Bissau access to the labor market and to credits and excludes them from political participation. This Swissaid project, which is run in partnership with local women's groups and is state-recognized, makes an important contribution to improving this situation.

Adriana is a 10 year old Salvadoran girl. Although in school, she was two years behind other children her age after falling behind in her studies and repeating primary school. After her teachers noticed she was older than the other children in her class, they encouraged her to take part in a programme developed by Plan International and the Ministry of Education designed to support girls and boys who have dropped out of school or fallen behind in their lessons.Through our Accelerated Education programme, educational opportunities have been expanded and spaces opened where children can acquire the necessary knowledge. Intensive classes are offered from Monday to Friday which are divided in two shifts - 7am to 12pm and 1pm to 5pm. At the same time, children have their performance closely monitored and receive psychological assistance to increase their self-esteem and identify the barriers that keep them from attending school.

El Salvador

Educatech Project

A project under the aegis of Plan International Schweiz.

The aim of this project is to break down gender roles and improve the long-term prospects of girls and their families by motivating and promoting young women to pursue training in STEM professions (science, technology, engineering, mathematics).